Quality and environment

The quality and diversity of Ensinger mineral water are unique

The region in and around Ensingen enjoys a wealth of natural treasures in which there are two completely different mineral waters in the ground below:

The high percentages of calcium and precious magnesium are the distinguishing features of the springs for the Ensinger Schiller Quelle healing water, for Ensinger Sport and for Ensinger mineral water.
Ensinger UrQuelle mineral water and Ensinger Naturelle are particularly gently mineralised, naturally pure and therefore very popular among the consumers. This mineral water, which is up to 10,000 years old, is also highly suitable for preparing baby food and for low-sodium and low-salt diets.

Natural Ensinger mineral water with fruit juice is a current consumer trend and highly popular. The Ensinger Sport drinks not only taste great, they are also low-calorie and contain lots of valuable minerals.

Thanks to their special quality, the first rate fruit spritzers from Ensinger are some of the most popular in the country. The Ensinger apple spritzer is made exclusively from fruits originating from domestic orchards and bears the Baden-Württemberg quality seal.

In the spring of 2006, Ensinger was the first mineral water producer to introduce two fruit spritzers in a new premium quality. Ensinger freshly-squeezed apple and apple-currant juice spritzers are produced exclusively from the juice of Baden-Württemberg fruits without the use of fruit concentrates.