Corporate principles

Our management policy

Thanks to the continuous improvements made to our product range of natural mineral waters, spa waters, spa water refreshment drinks and the connected customer service, we orient our work on the expectations and requirements of our customers to ensure the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. In particular, this is achieved by optimising and developing products and their production processes. We satisfy the economic aspects of our operations by defining short-term, medium-term and long-term liquidity and profitability plans and coordinating our financial controlling system. In the same way, expected environmental influences are identified in advance, assessed and then taken into consideration in the product and process planning stages.

Based on our current operating process, which is assessed, monitored and analysed with regard to its effect on the environment, we develop this process so that any unfavourable consequences for the environment, in particular relating to the use of raw materials, waste recycling, waste water, noise and energy consumption is avoided and/or reduced. Taking the business efficiency into account, we apply the best possible methods.

We practice an environmental conservation policy above and beyond the statutory requirements. Based on our management system, we apply a control system that guarantees continuous improvement to ensure the highest standard of consumer safety, industrial safety, quality and environmental safety. During this process, the results of the regular inspections are systematically recorded and analysed to prevent product non-conformities and industrial accidents. In addition, we work closely with the public authorities in order to exclude or minimise any possible effects of these types of accidents, particularly those that could affect the environment.

Regular system audits, environmental inspections and the work performed by our industrial safety committee ensure compliance with the specifications of the management policy on a day-to-day basis. Steps are taken at all times to ensure that deviations are rectified effectively by corrective actions.

Our suppliers and service providers are assessed and selected based on our implemented quality and environment standard. In particular, the requirements of this standard need to be satisfied when third party companies conduct work on our premises.

Right from the beginning, our employees at all levels receive regular training on the topics of quality, industrial safety and environmental policy regulations and goals. They have a duty to act in a self-responsible manner and to show initiative to ensure that the system works; the managerial staff in particular have a role model function.

We maintain an open dialogue with the public and provide all information necessary to show the effect our company has on the environment and the company’s environmental activities.